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Clatto Reservoir Refurbishment Completed

Clatto Reservoir Refurbishment Completed

A&L have completed refurbishment of the 150 year old Reservoir tower at Clatto Reservoir.

The vital future-proofing work was successfully completed within budget and time constraints. Dundee City Council have expressed their delight that the ageing asset can now be operated remotely and safely. The Clatto Country Park asset will continue to serve the community for many, many years to come thanks to A&L’s experience and dedication to preservation of Historic Reservoir Towers.

A&L Managing Director Jim McRobert quoted, “A&L Mechanical Installations have over 30 years experience in this type of work, we remain committed to low carbon impact refurbishment and future proofing as a way of preserving Water Engineering Heritage. There is no reason why all of our Reservoir assets cannot be sustained for another 100 years! We are proud to have safe-guarded yet another ageing asset for future generations”

The Asset was equipped with 3 Hydrasafe Remote Actuators, removing the need for costly and high carbon impact electrification. For full details please contact us at


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