A & L Mechanical Installations

A&L Mechanical Installations specialise in the installation of all types of mechanical plants in the water and sewage sector throughout the UK, with a current turnover of over £3.5M per annum.

A&L’s services cover the Water and Waste Water Treatment sectors offering Fabrication, Site Installation and Testing of a wide range of process systems. Ranging from Sewage Pumping Stations, Waste Water Treatment Works, to complete Water Treatment Works and Membrane Plants.

We specialise in the installation of Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Process Plants, Membrane Plants. We also specialise in the design, fabrication,installation of pipework in Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Coated Carbon Steel, GMS, ABS, UPVC, and Dual Containment Systems. Wwe also offer a complete maintenance, refurbishment service for valves, actuators and penstocks. Our services are also utilised in the Defence Sector where we have full security clearance.


Water Treatment Works

We cover all installation needs including sludge presses.

Pipework Design

We can offer bespoke design, manufacture and installation across the range of pipework materials.

Secondary Steelwork

We can fabricate all your access needs in Stainless or galvanised steel.

Valve & Penstock

A&L are the Go-To Contractor for Maintenance, Refurbishment and Repair or Replacement of Valves and Penstocks.

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“Delighted with the new intake at Kilberry Water Treatment Works. The old cover and broken masonry has been replaced and new external and internal screens fitted. The standard of work was first class, from design to construction and the two lads Billy and Martyn were a credit to A&L. It’s a pleasure working alongside quality tradesmen”

“A new underground feed pipe was inserted into an existing duct, the WC cubicle pinned down and the site left clean and tidy. Great piece of work”

Andy Oliver, Scottish Water

“We retrieved the 90 degree bend out of the foul well channel on Friday afternoon. I would just like pass on my full appreciation to your ops who attended site and who assisted in this operation” “The professionalism and attitude your ops showed, is a credit to A&L Mechanical Installations”

“I thanked them personally, but I would appreciate if you could also do so”

David Bannatyne, Morrison Construction

“Great Service”

“Please pass on my thanks to your engineers Davie and Jim, they both gave up their night with their families to come out and repair the burst pipe at Faslane. Had this been left it could have caused problems over the weekend so please thank the guys from me it was very much appreciated”

Gordon Cunningham, Scottish Water Horizons

Fully Accredited Specialists

A&L Mechanical Installations ensure all our engineers are fully trained and competent. All our training records are kept up to date, so we have a record of any training that may be about to expire, can and will be renewed. Ensuring all our engineers are fully qualified and competent.

  • Reservoir Valve Tower Refurbishment

  • Wet & Dry Well Pump Installations

  • Chemical Dosing & Sampling Systems

  • Mechanical Plant Repair/Maintenance & Refurbishment

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Membrane Plant Installation

  • Process Plant & Equipment Installation

  • Pipework Design, Fabrication & Installation

  • Water Treatment Works

  • Valve & Penstock

  • Secondary Steelwork

Company History

A&L were formed in June 1990 and secured several small mechanical installation sub-contracts within the Water Industry working on Projects for Clients such as North West Water in England. Competitive pricing of enquiries continued leading to a steady stream of small sub-contracts awarded from leading Water Engineering Contractors. An impressive turnover of £250k was established in the first year of incorporation and growth was to continue over the next 3 years as the client base became more established. By 1995, the annual turnover had reached £1m.

Growth of the business continued between 1995 & 1999 and A&L developed a strong reputation for delivering consistent quality and service. This led to new opportunities especially in Scotland which led to several new clients and contracts. This had a positive impact on growth and turnover increased significantly reaching an impressive £2.5m.

With a growing client base and continued investment in the Water Industry, A&L were to merge with EMS in 1999 and establish a turnover of £3.5m by 2002. However, this partnership ceased, and A&L resumed normal service securing a number of contracts within the Water Industry across both England & Scotland.

By 2005 A&L concentrated on the newly established Scottish Water Capital Investment Programme where a consistent workflow has been established with an annual turnover of circa £3.5m.

Since 2010 A&L have been operating predominantly in Scotland undertaking work for Scottish Water (SW), Scottish Water Solutions and a number of relevant Delivery Partners contained therein. In 2015, a continued quality of work and value for money approach led to SW engaging A&L under a “Price and Supply Agreement” to supply Electrical & Mechanical Goods and Services Pan Scotland.

Future Years

As above, A&L were procured by SW in 2015 under a “Price and Supply Agreement” for provision of Goods and Services. This Agreement was superseded in 2017 by a new “Framework Agreement” which was awarded by SW in October 2017. This Agreement will remain in force until 31st October 2021 at which point SW can extend the Agreement (in whole or part) by a further 4 Years.

The above Framework allows SW, its subsidiaries or companies forming part of the SW group of companies to procure A&L for M&E Inspection, Repair and Maintenance on Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure Projects Pan Scotland.

In addition to the above Framework, on 1st August 2015, A&L were awarded Principal Contractor (PC) status and a further Framework. This is known as SW’s Rural Framework (Non-Infrastructure) and covers 6 operational areas – Western Isles, Argyll & Bute, Highlands, Grampian, Dumfries & Galloway and Borders. To clarify the extent of this achievement, A&L have demonstrated having the required skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the role of PC under CDM Regulations 2015 and can also demonstrate minimum external verification of safety management systems and employee skills in the planning, managing and execution of their duty holders responsibilities.

A & L also anticipate a further Framework Agreement to be awarded within Horizons who are a fully owned subsidiary of SW.

The above success has been a significant factor in A&L’s decision to strengthen its current resource & capability to ensure continued growth in the next 3 years to 2021. During this period, it is intended that A&L will look ahead to future years to ensure capacity and competency is assessed and maintained to enable further Framework qualification and continued growth post 2021.